How It Works

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Personal Sellers

Selling on Discover the Hype is fun, easy, and free!

Individuals can sell their items locally, within their communities, wherever they are. It is free for anyone to sell their items. If they have a few things they would like to get rid of they can sell them through the site and it won’t cost them anything. They communicate with the buyer on the site and there is no need to give them an e-mail, phone number, or an address, unless they want to and they meet up at the time and place that they decide on through the website. Try it out today it’s free!.

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Shop/Business Sellers

Discover the Hype is great for businesses!

We wanted to give local businesses an opportunity to sell on Discover the Hype and to be discovered by their community, so we built a great way for businesses to make a shop and be part of a great website to grow your business on a local level or global level.

Business benefits are:

  • You can upload and sell as much as you want from your shop and there is no limit.
  • You will have a shop area where you will have all your items showcased and members can view your shop.
  • You can sell online locally or you can ship it.
  • You will be able to post updates about your business and say pretty much anything you would like.
  • Share with your followers your latest work through pictures.
  • Followers can comment and Like your posts (Well we have a heart not a like button).
  • You will have a bio area where members will be able to read up about you and your shop policies.

And the best part is, all shops are FREE! No membership fee, No listing fees, No commission fees. How sweet is that! Grow your business today!

What are you waiting for? Create your shop today!